08 august 2019

sometimes, you just want to rest, but then you're bored, so you try to do something, but at the end, you're just more bored than before

sometimes I want to look back at what I created, but not from my own eyes, i'm way too pessimistic to see good things from me. But if I don't see "good things", it's maybe not because I'm too pessimistic but just because they aren't any. the worst is with people tho

i still wonder why i can just write stuff like that in english, but I just can't in french (my maternal language, even tho I only speak french on twitter). Usually when i post something in english I always "validate" it with any translation tool, just to check my sentence is correct. And i'll probably check that one too even if i know it's correct. But somestimes, I make some errors, and a) i "validated" it before so uh b) "I didn't 'validate' it before, that's why I made an error"

i think i already talked about that before, but eh, i can just type anything, it's quite handy.

oh well just read something.. "sad?", that'll be the end of this txt then, i don't want to write something while begin depressed