28 june 2020

hey, back to english this time I guess

i'm a bit bored, like everyone you could say, less depressed than usual so good news here (friends comming in a few days will help too). I won't explain everything which happened at my cat, but that was quite stressful.

my "main" ""issue"" right now is with ~programming: i want to launch a project, learn new stuff and all... So I create a folder, launch vim and... around 5 seconds later, I just give up, it's just useless, it's like I make useful stuff. If I have an idea, someone already did it way better than I ever could. It's a bit hm, bad? I want to learn something, I open the documentation and around 5 seconds after, I give up, cd ../ && rm -rf project. Also, frontend is just boring, I can't stand doing HTML and CSS, or even worse, JS

And well, it's basically the end of the lockdown here, almost the summer holidays, so summer, so- ok i'll stop but at least it's a bit less depressing than usual