28 july 2018

Got a cute lavender-colored cross-body bag with raibows on it, and a silver strap, to keep the various personal effects I'd otherwise put in my pockets. I got its for practical reasons, because lately I've acquired some shorts whose pockets aren't quite deep enough to hold that stuff, and also keeping those things in my pockets tends to irritate my eczema or something, so I get nasty skin irritation on my thighs. But it's also feeding into this slow transformation of my aesthetic into something a teensy bit more androgenous, which is good.

I didn't used to get this until recently, but now and then, with my hair at its current length, strangers in public will see me from a bit of a difference and address me as "Ma'am," and then they'll here my voice or catch a glimpse of my chin or something, and they'll try to correct themselves: "Uh, excuse me, sir? Oh God, I'm so sorry." And I guess that's kinda what I'm going for. It feels more attainable now that I'm not working a retail job where I have to wear a store uniform; I'm at a tech internship where the dress code is extremely casual for people on the engineering side of things. The last time I wore nail polish at my last job I got a number of co-workers asking why I was wearing it.

"Your daughter must have made you do that, right?"

I feel like it wouldn't be like that here.