30 july 2018

My spouse E thinks I should bring a few copies of each of my books to this conference, just in case we meet anyone with whom it comes up in conversation. I don't really picture that happening, but we'll bring them anyway. Poetry is a difficult market and I'm not a professional, so I prefer to treat it more as another mode of communication than as a market.

A member of my extended family is recovering from a pretty serious emergency medical operation and it's difficult to think of travelling right now, but realistically there's little we can do here.

I'm tryimg to figure out how close to done with my first major project at this internship; I worry the work I've done is shoddy or inadequate, but the person assigned to supervise my work on the project is frequently unavailable. I managed to mess up the main JIRA issue for it pretty badly by mistakenly moving the workflow to the "Closed" status, in a workflow where there is no exit from that status, so I had to file a support ticket to get it reopened. I was also struggling to use an internal CI messaging tool today only to figure out I was encountering an unreported regression in its latest version. I ultimately filed a new issue for that, but I lost time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong; I've had many such moments on this job and that's part of my insecirity, I think.

I don't know if I'll be writing here over the next several days; traveling with family is a lot of work and I may not have the opportunity. But maybe thats for the best, most of the 10 most recent feels posts on tlide.town are mine at the moment and you all deserve a break.