06 august 2018

I've only just started participating in the social aspects of tilde.town, so I can't say I really got to know ~abraxas, but it was sad to hear we lost a townie today.

Because we were messing around with some exercise equipment in the hotel while we were away at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, my spouse noticed that my resting heart rate is pretty high, particularly when I'm standing. I don't like to think about it much, considering thay I still owe a lot of money for the blood cholesterol test I got last time I saw a doctor, but I need to find a general practitioner who will be covered by my new insurance and figure some of this stuff out, especially as I'm about out of statens and have no refills on the prescription.

I saw a tractor trailer on the highway today that had a U.S. flag and a little patriotic statement emblazoned on the back for some reason, and that statement ended with something about "never giving comfort or aid to the enemy", and I found that really alarming, because

  1. Who is "the Enemy", exactly? What fucking decade is this? and
  2. Since when is it bad to comfort people?

I realize "rendering aid and comfort to the enemy" is an old legal phrase, but now it's got me thinking. "Comfort to the enemy" is sort of a heroic concept to me, something I think I'd like to explore artistically, if I can ever do anything artistic again.

Some great things happened in Philadelphia, but I need to sleep, so I can't write about them now.

I'm tired and broke. Travelling 300 miles with four other people and feeding them for a weekend in a big city is expensive and difficult. I don't regret it, though.