09 august 2018

Today was better. I got to present the project I've been working on all summer to a bunch of intimidating people from around the office. The cool part of that was that I got to have some technical conversations with nice people. I'm planning to attend my first professional (as in, related to my work) conference soon — a free conference sponsored by my company.

The thing with this internship is that it's exposing me to a lot of very specialized tools and methodologies and I'm not at a point where I can say for sure what I actually want to specialize in, so I want to hear about a really broad range of specialities and really get a feel what it's like to work in them.

I hope someday an employer will sponsor me to attend PyCon.

I'm so boring right now, but I feel like I'm getting closer to certain things I need in life, and that's good. I'm starting to kinda wrap my head around the use of containers. That's kind of a nightmare at a certain level; the work another intern was presenting involved VMs deployed in containers in a VM…

I'm really curious about game development but I always hear how game developers face job insecurity and have to pull consecutive all-nighters to meet arbitrary deadlines and basically never see their families. Otherwise I'd be interested.