12 august 2018

Since we're trying not to be too busy this weekend I'll try doing small updates throughout the day.

I've got a new target for my public_html: to get it looking decent in Internet Explorer in my Windows 2000 VM. I'm going to need a good fallback for the CSS linear gradient I'm using as a background image. Also want to see if I can get an HTML5 audio tag to fallback to a legacy embedded MIDI.

We're getting heavier rain than we usually get here and it's bringing up perversely happy memories of the spring when it rained so much my high school flooded and they canceled final exams.

             | |          |
 _  _    __  | |   __   __|             _   __,   ,   ,   _   ,
/ |/ |  /  \_|/ \_/  \_/  |  |   |    |/ \_/  |  / \_/ \_|/  / \_
  |  |_/\__/  \_/ \__/ \_/|_/ \_/|/   |__/ \_/|_/ \/  \/ |__/ \/
                                /|   /|
                                \|   \|

I thought I'd just leave a little reminder here here that "nobody passes", which is to say to that the guesswork people do to read your "gender expression" is bullshit and if people aren't correctly deducing who you are from your appearance -- even (or perhaps especially) in LGBTQ spaces -- you're not really responsible for that. Also, it's not a race and it can take time to assemble the kind of wardrobe you're most comfortable with. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

Spouse E & my sister are going on a Very Important trip soon and for a few days they'll be about three thousand miles away. It's kinda scary for me to think about but also kind of a necessary step for us, to test our ability to take trips and such without each other when the need arises, and also this trip itself is necessary. Hopefully they'll enjoy themselves there too, though.

My sister started playing the first Broken Sword game last night, because she remembered me playing it ca. 2010, and I also started playing the Pajama Sam games with my child this weekend. With the Pajama Sam stuff in particular, there's a lot of odd detail in the settings of these 1990s point-and-click adventures that's really quirky and particular to yhe title or to the group that made it.

Like, in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening, when Sam breaks the weather machine hovering over his house, while most of the control room monitors begin to show catastrophic weather events, the monitor focused on Seattle's Space Needle shows merely a clear sunny day, & if you click on this specific monitor, Lightning expresses grave concern over it.

The first Pajama Sam game features a communist carrot who says "Property is theft, man" and is the leader of a "Salad Liberation Front".

One of the best features of the Humongous Entertainment games is the wild & often gleefully irrelevant animations that occur when you click on random decorative elements of a scene -- pop culture references, in-jokes, surrealist visual puns or just stimulating displays of sound & color. I just hope my child is enjoying it nearly as much as I am.