15 august 2018

I have no idea if the job where I'm working is the specific kind of work that suits me, in the long run. I spent so much time thinking about whether I ever would land a job in software, one that could eventually lead to, like, an actual livable salary, that I couldn't think much about what kind of software work I want to be doing, and now that I can think about it, it's a daunting question!

Also just… a Lot going on right now. And constant worrying about whether we'll be able to afford to fix the family vehicle I broke so people aren't stranded at the house when I go to work/school, whether I'll be able to buy the over $400 parking pass that will allow me to park on the university campus during the new school year, paying for medical stuff, &c.

I hate being grumpy like this; it doesn't suit me and makes me even less creative than usual.