28 august 2018

Our child took a long nap yesterday, so the spouses & I watched an episode of Bob's Burgers together, something we used to do a lot before we were parents. The show has so many characters who say & do things that our family does, but that we wouldn't see on television otherwise. The line that stands out from the episode we watched yesterday is something Linda says to Bob as Bob prepares to drive in a horrible blizzard: "Don't call Triple A, because we don't have them, and we owe them money from when we did."

The thought of working on my poetry project or on my old interactive fiction project (in Inform 6) is so appealing right now, but it is not happening yet.

It's hard to explain how immersive IF can be. It's to do with environment as narrative, and with the experience of learning the rules of interaction. It's a conversation. That's what made me want to put so much metanarrative into my project, because often with a thing like that, why someone made it can add another layer to the story.

Or maybe it's because I read a lot of Lemony Snicket in grade school.