17 september 2018

~holyspiritomb, try this command: figlet -f jerusalem.flf "jzehvu"

                                    ___ _______ ___ ______________ _______
                                   |_  |_____  |_  |____  \__   __\.  __  |
                                     | | _   | | |_| _  | |  | |   | |  | |
                                     | || |  | |    | | |_|  | |   | |  | |
                                     |_||_|  |_|    | |      |_|   |_|  |_|

Spouse E's birthday came recently but I was woefully unprepared for it. Been wrapped up in the trip they just took and in the chaotic details of my own life. I feel like kind of a lousy spouse and I'm trying to think of ways to show that I care even though I'm a mess right now. My sister's birthday is this month too.

Gonna convene with my advisor and try to come up with tentative answers to questions like when I'm graduating, what courses I should take next semester, &c.

I saw the advisor and worked out what I need to work out. I always get this impression, possibly mistaken, that he's bored to death whenever I talk to him. He was fiddling with a Rubik's Cube when I stepped into his office, and solved it a few seconds after I sat down.

When I asked about what natural science course I should take next semester, he said a lot of people take Life Science for that requirement, but he said it was "a waste of money". He said something later about how I could take "real biology" instead, but I'm leaning toward an earth science course anyway.

I hope to take Spouse E out on a little date this weekend. I've got to get them to think about the sort of place they'd like to go, though.

Studying astronomoy has brought to mind watching Jack Horkheimer's 5-minute Star Gazer segments on PBS in the late 1990s. Here's one on YouTube.