Tilde Town Free Jazz Band

A non-idiomatic, non-realtime collaboration in free improv music.

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What is this?

We are a group of townies making freely improvised music together. You might know it as 'free jazz,' but for something to be jazz, it has to have saxophones. And we don't always have saxophones. So you can also call it 'non-idiomatic free improvisation.'

How do you improvise over the internet?

Since we can't be together in person, the improvisation is not done in real time. We take turns: One person records a track, then sends it to another, who records another track on top of it. The second person sends their recording to a third person, but without including the first. It's like the surrealist game 'exquisite corpse' but for music.

Additional Rules

  1. All tracks must be improvised. No major planning or editing is allowed.
  2. You may only use one instrument per track. But any instrument is allowed to be used.
  3. Each participant has a certain amount of time to complete their track. If they can't complete it in time, they give their turn to the next person in line. Participants who miss their turn can make it up at the end.
  4. When everyone's had their turn, we mix down all the tracks, and the final product is revealed.

Can I join?

Anyone who can make a sound is allowed to join. All skill levels are welcome.

How do I sign up?

First, complete the sign up form. Tell us your username, instruments, and any preferences on scheduling.

Then, join #freejazz on tilde town chat, where we discuss the project. Hope to see you soon!