10 may 2016

Oh man, ttbp is starting to sprout wings. There were so many new feels today! I'll have to muck around some more and see if I'll be able to keep up with reading all the feels through the ttbp interface.

I'm tired again today, because I'm insane and stay up late when I don't really need to, over and above the work I was doing last night.

I'm also frustrated with some of the aspects of work, as it often feels like I am thrown into pieces of code and asked to write pieces of code without breaking legacy, while I don't actually have a full and firm grasp on the legacy functionality. Don't get me wrong, I learn pretty quickly, and the test framework is actually pretty robust ... but so many things WITHIN the code feel so haphazard, and I have to tweak everything 5+ times to get even close to the results I'm looking for.

But, that said, I'm a pretty happy guy, so I'm doing well. I did open a can of Dr. Pepper this morning to get a small caffeine kick, something I haven't done very often this month (by choice; working on cutting back on the sugary drinks a bit).

Welcome to today, enjoy it!