16 may 2016

There's been a bit of discussion here on ttbp about how tilde.town could be seen as a kind of fork of the 90s internet. I can get behid that sentiment. I agree that there's a certain amount of nostalgia that could trap the unwary townie ito some sort of creative stagnation, but my personal experience is one of exploration and growth.

The diversity of age and background of the more active townsfolk, while still not as wide as it could be, is an improvement over other small web communities I have been a part of. I find that, for me, this has pushed me to try new ideas and tools alongside my older skill set.

I love you all, townsfolk! You make me a better me, and that is awesome!

In other news, I have started doig a deep dive into the C programming language in an effort to catch my knowledge back up. It's been a long while since I wrote any C, and even then my past experience was anything but structured.

I've started to examine simple socket code in C. Rather than just simply take the code as it is, I'm taking a good amount of time to examine the header files, the functions, and the structure of the code. I'm starting with a fairly decent understanding of computers in general, but this deep dive is (in theory) bringing that understanding to another level, giving me a better grasp of the underlying system calls, as well as a much better grasp of the tools I am using (in this case GCC and make).

It's slow going, but I seem to be enjoying the process so far.