13 january 2017

I haven't written in here for a long while, but it seems like there's a bit of a lull in activity on TTBP, so I'll happily step in to fill the void. Here are a bunch of statements in a sort of free-flow of thought ...

How are you all doing? It seems like so many people are stressed out lately over so many different things. To be fair, I don't blame people for feeling like the world in general is spiraling out of control. To me, it feels like we are in the midst of some serious existential changes, and that seems to be resonating into even the smallest aspects of people's lives.

If you're feeling down, or stressed, or happy even ... feel free to reach out for a chat or whatever. I like to think I can be a good listener, most of the time.

Anyways, I was gonna go all philosophical in this post but decided I didn't feel like twisting all the feels I'm feeling into impotent words and sentences. Some days I feel like I should write a book about things in my head, and then I start putting it down and it's just not right, and so I stop.

I need to dig deeper into stoicism. What I've learned in passing resonates with me very well, but I'm always worried that I know too little about what being stioc actually means.

I like this qoute:

Develop a flexible identity: Don't believe too much the character we play, don't take ourselves too seriously, use some humor.

I've noticed one of my online habits is a form of people-watching. I spend time on reddit and HN and other places and simply read the comments. I don't follow many links, I simply want to know what people are talking about. When I do follow links, I spend a lot of time reading the comments on THOSE pages, too. People are fascinating, interesting, and frequently exasperating. It's fun!

Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. Cheers!