27 september 2018

Hi all.

I need to get this out of my brain today, so this seems like a god place to dump it.

Driving my kids to their before-school care this morning, I came across a car stopped in the road and a boy aout my son's age lying in the street. I did not see the collision, but the boy had run out and the car had struck him. I stopped to make sure people had called an ambulance and authorities and if anyone needed anything.

It appears to have been a more minor collision (thank God), and the boy was breathing and moving on his own before the ambulance arrived to take him to be checked out at the hospital. However, even not having witnessed it directly, I can't help but feel dread and anxiety in the pit of my stomach. As a parent, you think about your own kids.

Anyways, it was a scary item from my day today, and I needed to write something just to help clear my mind. Thanks for reading.