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tried out a grand piano

Today I plucked up the courage to walk into a piano showroom, and asked if I could play on a particularly handsome grand piano.

“Yes, you can try it out,” said the staff, and so I did.

First, I tried some arpeggio(s). Then, a song from a contemporary movie.

It was a great pleasure. The piano responded to my touch in a magical way, demonstrating extraordinary sensitivity to even the most subtle of nuances.

I looked at the staff of the showroom (a middle-aged and confident lady), and it seemed she was enjoying the song, too.

I would later enquire about the piano, and only two words remain in my memory: “top-end” and “hand-made”. And, its logo says: Shigeru Kawai.

But all too soon, it was time for me to leave (I have a limited repertoire), and I bade my usual farewell to salespeople: “I’ll think about buying it”. (Which is true, I do think about how many years of slavery to a mean boss I have to endure, in order to afford stuff like that).

But the staff was quick to reassure me: “No obligations at all! We’re happy you came here to try our piano.”

Well, it was a nice experience, and I thank (a Biblical) God for that.