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where to buy postcards in Singapore

I joined Postcrossing last month, and I’ve since been keeping a look-out for places that sell postcards, on this tiny island in South-east Asia.

I list a few below. Do you know of others? I hope you and I can add to each other’s knowledge! :slight_smile:

the usual suspects: souvenir shops

  • somewhere in Kampong Glam (near Sultan Mosque)
  • somewhere in Chinatown
  • Raffles Hotel
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • the shop called Arch, in the shopping mall called Capitol, near City Hall MRT Station

on the art-sy side

  • National Gallery of Singapore
  • a pop-up bazaar called Invade, in Esplanade Theatres
  • Objectifs Centre for Film and Photography
  • this photographer, Christine Nagel, has been shooting various sights in Singapore, and sells her own photos as postcards.

unexpected postcards

  • the (alcoholic beverages) bar called No. 5 Emerald Hill provides postcards, and mails them out to international addresses, free of charge. You can buy a drink if you feel paiseh. (Information accurate as of late 2019).

this post first appeared at the forum of Postcrossing

P.S. Update, as of 23 December 2021: I’ve just terminated my account at https://www.postcrossing.com/ as I fear that sending postcards around the world may damage the environment.