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What's with the name, ~rogbeer?

Mr. Rogbeer was my colleague in a organisation where I worked on a couple of projects that involved programming.

It was around that time that I registered myself on tilde.town, and I was stumped for a username; I looked up from my laptop and saw his name-tag on display near his desk; I thought that was an interesting name.

No, I did not get his permission to snatch his surname (on tilde.town).

Bobs and pieces

  • Mr. Rogbeer says he is from Mauritius
  • As of 8th October 2018, I have only met two people who said they were from Mauritius
  • The language Creole is spoken in Mauritius, so I’m told.
  • The other person from Mauritius (that is, not Mr. Rogbeer) looked like she was from East Asia. If I am not mistaken, she told me that Mauritians don’t have any one look; there are a variety of ethnicities in Mauritius: she belongs to a minority there.