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It's really tiny in here so far. It's no, for sure. But they're full and this place looked the most sympathetic out of the altildes.

Y'know, I even like this default pink background. I'm keeping it.

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2016-01-03 20:19:26

NP: 透明エレジー (Transparent Elegy) ♡ English/Rap Cover【ill.bellxrachie】

Hi! I am now blogging over here! :D

2015-12-24 14:36:48

NP: 戦闘!伝説の純狐【ポケモン風アレンジ】

Hi townies! I'll skip the apologies for being inactive this time around.

Still alive and well! Still in uni, which I've actually been quite happy with. Still have a huge amount of projects that I'm unable to keep in check. Yes, many are pokémon related.

But! It's christmas! I hope you all enjoy the holidays! I know I'm making use of the free time.

EDIT: Oh, one thing I remembered I was meaning to write. I got interested in MUDs recently! And offshoots like MUSHes. I'd love to read anything on the history of them, about the golden era and such. If any of you know of an interesting writeup or have a story to tell, I'd love to hear it!

2015-07-31 12:55:26

NP: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone GBC Speedrun in 1:28:07 (RT)

I will be gone for a week starting tomorrow. Holidays with friends! Woo! I might write a little bit about it when I get back. Stay safe, townies!

15:48:58: Be sure to watch Pokémon Blue Catch 'em All (151) and Blue Blindfolded on SGDQ, awesome runs by my buddies. link to schedule, link to stream!

2015-07-30 13:02:41

NP: Rainwave [All]


2015-07-29 12:10:08

Tilding early!

Here's how to add all tilde-made scripts to your PATH:

PATH=$PATH:`ls -d /home/*/Code | tr "\n", ":"`

You can add this to your .bashrc or whatever! Then you have all these programs at your fingertips! Just try out smiles or count-tilde-users!*

*May not actually be a good idea. A lot of the scripts don't run outside of their native environment, or may be dangerous. You have been warned!

17:18:30: I experimented with representing various files as 2bpp images!

22:09:51: I'm reading about the Itanium processor on a popular blog by a seasoned Windows developer. Parts one, two, three. I'm actually liking the architecture a lot.. I should try coding for it someday.

2015-07-28 16:06:41

NP: Cycling (Pokémon Origins Version), Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: Super Music Collection

SPEAK ABOUT DISAPPEARING. Jeez! I am just as bad about keeping in touch as I expected. But I also promised to check in from time to time, so here I am!

So what's up with me? Uni is going alright so far. I'm enjoying the holidays, though! Resting, meeting a lot of friends, working on my stuff. It's nice.

Will I be more active in I'm gonna try! I still love the whole concept and I love being a townie. I'm going to try and work on some fun stuff! :D

EDIT: I touched up this page! It's a little better styled and hopefully easier to read now!

It's fun to read what I wrote in the intro up there! "the most sympathetic out of the altildes". Looks like I chose well! is still alive almost a year later, and full of awesome people! I'm so proud.

Some folks are asking about the randomizer! It's still alive. I'm in the proccess of rewriting it from the ground up. The current version has some bugs which are hard to weed out. I'm working on making it more stable and flexible. Stay tuned!

2014-12-22 00:23:58

I'm sorry for disappearing! Sometimes I drop out of places when my cup-o-things-to-do overflows. I always, always come back eventually, though. And this is not just about even if it's just once a few months, I make sure to check on the communities I've made any impact in every so often. It's always nice.

Among other things, I've worked on my randomizer during my hiatus. It's coming along nicely, even if it means wrangling with Game Freak's arcane codebase over and over. Oh, and I was happy to hear ~nossidge was having fun with it when I joined the irc!

What's next for me now? I'll try to hang out more, see what's new, and keep on posting. This has not been an exciting post, but that's okay!

EDIT: Oh, and my tildeverse service is down for now. Please check out ~nossidge's much prettier version for now!

2014-11-26 23:05:44

Sometimes dreams happen in the mundane setting of the upcoming day, but still manage to be interesting in their own right. For example, I dreamed that today's math lecture was cancelled (ha ha), and then I saw my randomizer on the front page of Hacker News (second-handedly). I even remember somebody in the comments complaining that the site is slow.

Oh, and it all happened in an entirely differently looking school building. That actually seems to be a theme in my dreams - totally new yet familiar surroundings.

I will tilde more in the future, I promise. But I'm kind of swamped right now.

2014-11-13 22:51:24

I will tilde more during the weekend (I should be preparing for an exam right now), but I saw the page of ~mirando, and they made a post about dreams. I have a lot to say about dreams! I probably care a lot more for my dreams than my dreams care for me, because they sure are mundane. But that's for another time. Now all I'll say is, I seem to be dreaming a lot about urban areas recently. Huge complexes full of large buildings. Or, a small apartment inbuilt into filled space, with no entrance. Earlier I dreamed about this odd complex shopping mall, too. Seems like I'm good at imagining places.

That's it.

2014-11-09 00:07:23

So I might as well share what I've been pouring some work into recently!

So, you might've noticed I really like Pokémon. I have a huge knowledge of the old games, and I put it into use in a few projects I have. One of those is a randomizer- a tool which produces a ROM with enough modifications to make for a fun fresh playthrough. The randomizer I'm working on is of Pokémon Red and is special for two reasons: one, it's completely online, you don't have to download a ROM and the tool itself and worry about having to set it up. You can also instantly share a link with friends.

Second, instead of just changing the wild Pokémon, it actually puts new Pokémon into the game all the way from X/Y!

The thing I just finished today is random soundtrack. For this, I decided to port the audio engine from Crystal, which proved to be harder than I had hoped. Some SFX still sounds off, but I'll iron that out later.

Anyway, if all this sounds interesting, feel free to check it out!

P.S.: You should expect Plays Pokémon from me one day!

2014-11-01 21:23

So I haven't made a blog post in over a week, and that is all right, because this is a stress free zone. No stress allowed! I can blog whenever I want, or don't want.

But really, I've just been moderately busy with school. And loafing around. It's a shame my time management skills are so lacking, but that's how it goes.

I've been toying with the idea of proposing an IRC replacement. NOT actually writing one. I just want to write down everything I'd like, and see if there's already something I could go support. I'd prefer that over starting a new project. So I just need to get around doing that.

I also borrowed an old 3DS with a working exploit, so I'm gonna try making some homebrew... sooner or later.

2014-10-19 14:31

"Oh, I wonder how those nice columns on the homepage were made. I've seen a lot of different CSS trickery recently."

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2014-10-18 21:21

I've played the uncle who works for nintendo, and it was good.

I don't actually have many words to say about it. I feel inspired, but not to write. Ah well. Maybe check it out yourself.

2014-10-17 20:55

 The file:
 /NDS/Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter
 Filename too long.
 Please reduce the length!

There was an opportunity, so I got a new Nintendo DS flash cart pretty cheap. Mostly because my current one isn't really mine. And the old one is a brick. A tiny brick, but a brick nonetheless.

Also this one runs on my 3DS too, which is a nice bonus!

EDIT: I find it ironic that <pre> renders in a variable width font, unlike the rest of the page. I'm keeping it.

EDIT 2: Oh, it's not variable width. But at a first glance, it looks like one, because it's not as wide as this one. Consider it art.

2014-10-16 13:15

This class is boring. Why am I learning about Bash? I've been using it for 5+ years. It's also hot in here... all those computers running and no window open.

The next lecture will be more interesting, and I want to pay attention to it. But at the same time, it's blocking me from going to the weekly meetup with my friends earlier. So far, I've been attending consistently, though. It's stuff I don't know (circuits), unlike bash.

I should make a script to generate this blog.

EDIT: You don't even get points for getting stuff done during class, unlike the C course. Which I don't need either. :(

2014-10-15 11:52

Here I am, sitting in the twelveth floor of this one building. At least you can breathe here, unlike the other 'respirium' down there! Also, the view is pretty great. "Check it out!", I intend to write all excited to share a picture. But I know it will be a pain in the ass. Let's try, anyway. And document the steps, because that sounds fun.

  1. Take out my phone. Well, not really take out, it's already lying on the window, since I'm tethering from it. All because the wi-fi here doesn't cooperate with the wi-fi in my laptop. Alright.
  2. Open the camera app and set a lower resolution. Who likes resizing photos manually? 640x480 sounds good.
  3. Aim. Hm, I'm not able to capture the entire window, but it'll have to do.
  4. Shoot! Oh, that noise was pretty loud. Hope nobody minded.
  5. ??? I could upload it to imgur easily, but where's the fun in that? Let's get it on this server.
    I have this ASTRO file manager, let's try to configure SFTP there.
  6. Oh, it asks for a password. Well, that's useless then.
    Maybe JuiceSSH supports SCP?
  7. Guess not. I give up this early. Let's go through imgur.
  8. Well, I wouldn't call that quick, (it took like 15 minutes to upload!), but at least it was painless. Now I can just wget it here...
  9. And we're done! Enjoy the Prague view!

EDIT: I just realized there's a window part smack dab in the middle of the picture, and I could've taken a much better one. Consider it art.

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