16 january 2018

New Year's Resolutions

They say encryption is hard

Encryption is hard. I've started and failed before. I had to revoke my keys so often, and just as often I've been unable to revoke them...

Anyway, I resolve to create and maintain the facility to send and receive email securely, that is, to use GPG effectively, with the public key published appropriately, with backups of the private key, etc.

Previous attempts have shown me that I am able to maintain systems that I use. If nobody sends me any encrypted mail and nobody receives any from me, then I won't maintain the system... I'll forget the passphrase, for example... Would anybody like to be my crypto buddy? I imagine that would mean that about once a month, I'd encrypt a message for that person and decrypt one they wrote for me. This is akin to workout buddies who compel each other to go to the gym, I suppose.


Speaking of the gym, I also resolve to quit smoking and lose some weight.

The fleet

I'm going to catch up on technical debt regarding my various machines. Why does metalbaby still run i3 when every other machine is running stumpwm now? Laziness, that's why. I resolve to clean up my fleet.

Old disks

I also resolve to continue my backup/archival work. That box of harddrives isn't getting any more compatible with readily available hardware. ...Well, it's probably more possible to bit-bang IDE (not ATA) these days than ever before, but why bother when I can still locate physical IDE hardware? ...or can I?


31 december 2017


It hasn't been above 6F all day today in my part of Nebraska.

I've spent all day in Minetest with my son.

The circled spot is our little home in the snowy woods.


27 december 2017

Happy Holidays


Shields up

I found a few wall(1) messages waiting for me after having been afk over Christmas weekend.

Broadcast message from ****@tilde.town (pts/152) (Sat Dec 23 23:19:09 2017):

Type touch /home/****/.centralfeels (without quotes) to get a private key that corresponds to 5 USD of BTC!

Broadcast message from ****@tilde.town (pts/152) (Sat Dec 23 23:20:16 2017):

Oops, type  to get 5 USD of BTC!

Broadcast message from ****@tilde.town (pts/152) (Sat Dec 23 23:20:27 2017):

Oops, type <tilde>/.centralfeels to get 5 USD of BTC!

Broadcast message from ****@tilde.town (pts/152) (Sat Dec 23 23:21:01 2017):

Type Ctrl+L to clear these messages.

Hah. I presumed this was some kid attempting to tell folks to "hold down alt and type FAXMACHINE" or something along those lines.

So, with the spirit of Christmas still warm in my belly, I set out to end this user, and protect the townies!

False alarm

What is .centralfeels? That was my most viable clue. Well, only one hit came up on DDG.


So, the user sending those walls doesn't need to be "ended". :) And now I know about ttbp.

Warm feelies

So, hello, ~login! Nice to meet you, via a circuitous of route!

0: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:500px-Xmas_tree_animated.gif