it begins

author: slimelia   date: 2023-10-15

and the ultimate bloging begins...

i can't decide what to use this blog for!! i've been using my gemlog for more detailed personal life updates and i can't be bothered to repeat myself here. maybe i'll do something fun like just spotlight cool things i find online??

FOR EXAMPLEEEE i recently found the search engine Kagi. i really like it, the results it produces are very good, the people behind it and their ethos seem really good, and i love all the extra features it contains. they also have a few fun side projects like Kagi Small Web which highlights random individual blogs and small websites across the world wide web. it's a super cute initiative!

anyway, i guess this is what i'm gonna use this web-facing blog for, at least for now! if you have a passing interest in the woman BEHIND the blog, check out the super secret gemlog oooooh