// JULIET 199

What light and arrows of betrayal fill us;
give us our chance to suffer the world clearly
How the gamma ray interacts with grief
and the only fate left to us, like a tortured scream, as sweet.

Beyond the great lonely house of China's top nuclear scientists
The evidence of the Cube sighs soft over underground tests
The brightness of shadow shapes describe my mind; to think
when the propaganda war came to persuade me
how my imagination would sing

Be negative, fair sun!
I'll no longer burn so bright
What's in the east -- there's no military solution possible
now technology has accurately identified
an end to all our outrageous fortunes
What geophysicists from the atmospheric anomalies
are stopping the light through yonder window?

Get thee to a nunnery, those scientists believe,
prompting one to take arms against a madman in the mind
The researchers use pale satellite images,
with UN under-secretary general Jeffrey Feltman saying:
“There's no longer any celebrating my curiosity.”

The fairest stars
are taking the slings,
and they just won't stop,
prompting one to twinkle in the white upturned wondering eyes
to be exploded at Punggye-ri
as our minds create an EMP attack in heaven.

But the people shame those stars in one detonation
shame those stars in her eyes in heaven, as a weapon,
and decimate the mind to dream, and yet
express concern to a winged messenger of the hydrogen bomb test

O, bright angel for thou Romeo, and pale with grief,
Speak again!

That hollow head, given
the potential to swallow the grey light,
to chop the lazy pacing clouds and refuse thy father --
If only he reaches across the sea,
then the Southern Hemisphere may prevail --
here there is less radioactive dust
and the North Wind is jealous

Still, we wraithlings collide
struggling against the obscure chaos
in our social media reactions:

We are dangerously ailing for company
somewhere in our need to fade
out of ignorance with grief...

and the only fate left to us, like a tortured scream, as sweet.

SOURCES: this article http://www.watoday.com.au/world/kim-jonguns-north-korea-nuclear-test-mountain-may-collapse-let-out-many-bad-things-20170905-gyb8dp.html
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