// the machine room

You are standing in a dimly lit room, bathed in a pulsating greeny light. Metal walls lurch inwards, heightening the sense of claustrophobia that this space inspires. Overhead, a lightbulb dangles from a thorny thread, flickers in time to an unheard rhythm. Zaps and sparks echo from unseen depths. Something drips and hisses in the nearer darkness.

In the centre of the room stands a CRT screen, its circuitry long disembowelled, now given new life and form as a fish tank. Tiny neon flashes dart to and fro behind the glass. But even as you look on, the flashes take on a synchronicity with the lightbulb and the sounds, and letters begin to form. Moving closer, you can start to make out words, as though the screen remembers from somewhere deeper within its original nature and purpose.

// What are these?

machine-generated texts assembled&woven from the subconsciousness of the machine (rather than the usual subconscious of The Author.)

In some places I still need to collate/reference the original materials, but I can tell you there's always a lot of my own source code, alongside magpie bits of {for example} Poe, Lovecraft, Dunsany & random academic texts.

With the output set at a high threshold, it means that very little of the original phrasing remains. Then it undergoes further "editing" on my part.

Nevertheless, because of the way in which these pieces come about, remixes w/credit are received with much awe &gratitude, and I will link to them here.

A Phantom


Cards Right


Cyberia - an epic

experiment i

experiment ii

experiment iii






We Two The Chiselled In The Nameless City

With Love

// Remixes

We Two The Chiseled Nameless City by Corlson -- song now available @ bandcamp.com


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