// with love

His life was audible, darkened with words
He lived only with the collection of his hurts
and the flowers of twilight bloomed broad
when he dreamed of rapture for former times
where it was no longer a gloomy Monday

So it was that he approached the night-light glow
of the black sea; onyx and mad whisperings afloat
on the waters, which trembled to the beat
of the dead heart of his sires,
who called out to him only in waves:

“with love you kill yourself”


He reaches out into the margin of the voices, seeing
Everything has knowledge, shivering, broken,
leaving a thousand different exhaled songs
Feelings have a city, which wends heavenward, and returns
upon each wave of their beauty

But now the light streaming in through his voice awakens him;
it's full of the soul of his tribe
Sunlight breaks through the gods
already gilded by the rain
for a city shall ever hear the brightest colours

He reaches out into the world,
changes its magic language,
the fragrant garland around him like a burnished gold chain,
warming the elements of his body,
and his thoughts: innumerable sparks.

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