Welcome to ~TheDigitalScorcerer's thought stream page! (moved from 'index.html')

Welcome to my tilde.town page. I don't really know what to put here yet.

I guess a console would be fun...

I should say something interesting about myself.
Can't think of anything.

You can probably tell I'm not deleting anything in this file.

I have an idea: I'll put all this sort of stuff on a new page and make a proper homepage.

I don't know entirely how it works or how to code it, but this tilde has Node.js. Does that mean I can do server-side things on my public_html? Probably not, but worth a try anyway.

Yeah I still don't know if it can help me after looking at on Wikipedia. This must be the most boring page out of my two (so far) pages on tilde.town. They can only get better now... Hopefully.

Wow it's been a while since I added anything here. Only a few weeks, but still. Actually just over two, but still. Fine. It's been a smalI amount of time since I last posted here. But still. Longer than usual. I've only ever posted twice who am I kidding. Forget it.
Using the up arrow to navigate the list of commands I've typed in the terminal lately, it's just been a never ending stream of 'botany' and 'exit'. Does anyone else ever do that? Literally half the reason I'm here tonight is because I've forgotten to water my plant for the last two days and I don't want it to die. I like my plant, even if it is barely past the seedling stage. I wonder if I could write a Python script to water my plant or would that be cheating?

I guess that's all I've got to say for tonight, so bye for now tilde.town.