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I'm a writer, photographer, tech professional, and musician from the Pacific Northwest. (You can read more details here. I like cats, vegan food, cities, indie pop, and fun, progressive games.

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BitPics! 1-bit black and white images, like in the before time. (coming soon)

Film Photography - Photos of the even further before time, taken on film.

Digital Photography - Photos taken with my Fujifilm X100F. (coming soon)

Music List - Songs I've been listening to a lot lately. (coming soon)

Jetstar Voyager - my solo synth music project! (coming soon)

The Crystal Furs - my indie pop band! (coming soon)

Kevin's Switch Pages! - Thoughts on what I've been playing on the Nintendo Switch, screenshots, etc. (coming soon)

Kevin's BioWare Pages! - My appreciation for the works of game developer BioWare (coming soon)

Links Elsewhere

The Crystal Furs - my indie pop band!

Jetstar Voyager - my solo synth music! (coming soon)

The Northwest Lens - my fancy-lookin' photo blog.

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