this is the zine for tilde.town. we release irregularly and accept contributions from absolutely everyone.

to sign up please visit the tilde.town website. we would love it if you joined.

published issues


sometimes, there are mistakes in the published issues. when that happens, we'll release some information here.

current status

we are currently accepting contributions for issue 7! everything very welcome.

please see the contributing section below for details.

submission deadline for the next issue: November 30


contributions are really welcome from anyone. the focus of the zine is prose / poetry / art / feelings / honesty so if you have anything that fits that criteria — up to personal interpretation — we would love to publish it so much. we also like articles, clever bits of code, games, guides/howtos as well as writeups about all sorts of cool things people make.

before you submit content for an upcoming issue, please check the submission deadline. if there is already a pdf in the list of published issues, or inside the issue dir in the archive, then that issue has already been released. please consider submitting it for the next issue!

to submit works to the zine:

file formats:

for pdf or sla, set the page dimensions to A5 or 148 x 210 mm.

contacting the editors

if you have a question, need assistance with a submission or just want to talk zine, come hang out in our press room, #zine on town chat.

you can also direct message your question to ~mio in chat: /query mio [message]

frequently asked questions

when is a new issue released?

a new issue is released whenever we feel we have enough content.

how do I get a copy?

feel free to print out the pdf from the list of published issues and make your own version!

~jumblesale, ~insom, ~joe, ~dozens and ~benjaminwil have also previously sent out print versions.

what's the license?

the zine as a whole is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). ~jumblesale owns the rights for issue 1, ~mio owns those for issues 2-6 and ~acdw owns the rights for issue 6 (html version).

authors remain owners of the content they produced for the zine; the above license only applies to the zine as a whole and particular works remain under full copyright, unless a license is explicitly stated.

therefore, authors are encouraged to include license info along with their contributions; requests to add your licenses even after an issue is published are welcome.

do I have to be regularly active on town to submit for the zine?

all townies are welcome to participate regardless of how active they are around other parts of town.

what kind of poetry do you publish, and does it need to follow a particular structure?

all sorts, e.g. freeform, limericks, visual poetry, haiku. structure is entirely up to contributors.

I want to send in [awesome thing], do you accept [type of awesome thing]?

most likely yes! if it can fit inside an A5 pdf and be printed, we will take it.