12 april 2021

I got fired, relationship, patent

I got fired on Friday for being emotionally broken and in depression after exiting a 10 year relationship with marriage and house.

This job was doomed.

I received this job on a WiZo concert in cologne, germany.
I knew this was doomed the moment my boss first got choleric towards me.

I'm not going to shit-talk about any of my previous employments.
(Including GoDaddy)

At first I was upset but it suddenly turned into:

YAY! Two months of fully paid vacation before the next job!

Obviously I'm still on a party, Monday at 4:20 AM.


I came up with two patents.
One within the travel / sport sector, that could skyrocket on Kickstarter or even be sold to a company this integrates to.
Another one for cooling a certain device that rarely receives cooling but could noticably benefit from it.

I expect the first to be a big fish.

Love stuff

You may want to skip this.

I'm in a polyamory now with a soulmate who can't travel here yet due to covid..
(Notice my proper use of english even though I'm native german 😋)

I ended my last relationship due to toxic behavior.
I need space to breathe and process during an argument with a partner.

It is insanely easy to hit any of my past trauma.
It's hard to deal with me I guess.

My new partner is currently experiencing the best sex of their life with someone choosen for a F+ experiment.
We soon figured out love can not be controlled or prevented.
Instead of enforcing breakup, I considered changing it to a polyamory upper limit.

This opens up interesting possibilities like meeting with friends in a hotel and randomly handing out keys…

There are concepts accessible I would never think of in a monogamy.


In summary, I can say I could write reviews for Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble, Feeld and a couple worse ones by now…

I also get now why potential partners might include a reference to their Instagram account.

In various dating apps including Tinder your likes only last for 24 hours.
You either have to copy a profiles link and like it again and again or just write them a direct message on Instagram…


Obviously some only want to get simps. Never judge by someones looks!
I found an exception who is many leagues above me.
It's hard to come up with good icebreakers.
It's worse if they cause confusion…

That's a slice of a rough summary for what happened since, during, and before the previous Post.

Does anyone even read this?
Send me a mail in tilde :)

Thanks to TTBP!

This blog software I'm using here

Luckily this blog tool became available to me a couple days ago after registering at least a year ago.
This is too convenient not to use.
Let's see how well this handles Markdown including trailing space.
I wont edit this unless it doesn't know linebreaks caused by two trailing spaces.
(Fun to use on StackOverflow for paragraphs!)
+ rep

Neovim FTW!