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2023-03-10 i keep killing my (town) plants

2022-04-05 made a ctf-like puzzle for ~kc

2021-12-26 wrote a patch to add color to botany

2021-11-07 hello to ~kmx!

2021-07-26 i was gone for two weeks and my plant didn't die. shout out to atomicdisintegrator, chalcedony, dzwdz, gaffen, mio, and anyone else who visited while i was away. thanks for watering my ficus!

2021-04-23 i'm enjoying how my plant looks in italic. also, i have been emailing some townies! mostly, my emails just sit unread, but when i wrote to han about their facts, they emailed me back, and we talked a bit about stuff like the next town zine and my public_html exploration project. i mentioned some people i'd come across, and han said that they knew one of them irl and that they were touched that someone had thought of them. wild!

2021-04-18 ok this didn't happen to me but: IRC node netsplits, system-wide lockups, random downtime, system and connections lagged, some connections timed out - Cause: Runaway user script for botany. fun!

2021-04-10 recently, i learned about finger and started growing a plant in botany. if you do finger joy@tilde.town (from anywhere, not just town), you can view my plan and my plant!

2021-03-27 made a train car for tilde-train.py

//      .-'       \|/          \\
||~~'--./ /~~~~~_.---.~~~~~~~~~||
||  '-,  (__..-'       \ ~joy  ||
||     \          .     |      ||
||      ',.__.   ,__.--/  ~joy ||
|| ~joy   '._/_.'___.-'        ||
||     (no whales were harmed) ||
\\=/ . \=/ . \=====/ . \=/ . \=//
   \___/ \___/     \___/ \___/

2021-03-26 i went on town chat and talked to zumdar about what they do (bend sound and light, apparently), and they helped me with a pesky 403 forbidden issue. i was like, my perms are fine? idk what's going on, and zumdar was like, i can't cd into your home??, and i was like, ohhhhhh. so i fixed my home directory permissions and that fixed my problem. thanks, zumdar!

2021-03-24 i logged in for the first time. (also i messed up my perms.)

2021-03-16 it's Tue 16 Mar 2021 02:51:45 AM UTC and you are now a member of tilde.town.

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my eyes hurt and i get a headache when i'm on the computer too long.