welcome to my ~ homepage! :o

my name is patrick, and I just joined this site on Feburary 19 2019! :)

I have reading week right now, and I'll try and think of something cooler to make sometime, since I miss all my friends :(

If anyone wants to help me make some cool css animations, help me by emailing my tilde.town email :) It'll mean a lot to me

I'm also trying to find some user pages that got some really cool css animations for reference, unfornatuately I think I lost it :(

I've been a programming noob for more than 5 years by now, so that's embarrasing. But I'm trying to make a really cool website, and maybe make a funny show that will go on that website, thewebzone.net. Everyone at my college are just really strange and boring, but hopefuly I might make some really cool friends here on tilde.town that will help me out :D

okay this one is really cool

this one is really cool too.