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Still moving in!

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Snippets (Town Feels)

June 16, 2024

Spent pretty much allllll day with my girlfriend, she's real nice, we had lunch at the local fast food place then walked to the park. I'm gonna continue my nuzlocke soon on stream, which is fun, though if I could have changed one thing about today it would have been to make those timezone edits to my posting program. Eventually I might make each post more like its own page, then embed them on the main page, which would make for much easier browsing, but I dunno if that's necessarily a good idea with how short each post has been so far. If there was a couple paragraphs, maybe, if I regularly included an image, sure, but for now this seems easiest.

June 14, 2024

Ok so two things really fast. First, I see that the dates on my posts needs a timestamp and also I need to correct the timezone. I'm pretty sure town is at UTC 0? Either way, it's a ways off, and it made it appear like one post from yesterday was from today because of the date stuffs. An easy enough fix, I'll get around to it.

The second thing is that I found a tracker for my vtubing that so far works super well, XR Animator, it's been real good so far. I think I will want to remake my default model somewhat, have it look as nice as I can possibly get.

June 14, 2024

Being a vtuber isn't really as easy as it might seem. Especially on Linux. I've had more than my fair share of errors and technical difficulties, and right now I'm trying to find a better software because VSeeFace has worked well enough so far but I'd really like to use something better. You can't change the background color in VSeeFace, so it's best to chromakey it out, but matching colors on your model will also dissapear.

I was trying to get Warudo from Steam to work, because their Proton tools usually work pretty well, but I couldn't get the webcam to work (and other Linux users report the same) and the built-in OpenSeeFace tracker doesn't work, it won't use my version of OpenSeeFace instead, and the best thing I could find about it online was to use VMC to send data from VSeeFace to Warudo, but despite seemingly following them exactly something still won't work. VNyan doesn't work either, throws a couple errors and crashes. So I might be stuck just using VSeeFace, like I have been the last couple months, but I'm still trying to find something better.

June 14, 2024

Probably a shorter post today? I'm going to be labbing stuff in Guilty Gear Strive later on stream, but for now I want to keep playing MTG Arena because I made a small Rat Colony / Nazgul thing and I like it. Really the Nazgul are there because I wanted a little variety, and there's other stuff too, but I only want to play Rat Colony. If it did't cost like $4 per copy I'd single handedly buy them all because I just really like the rats. I would play IRL except it's expensive...

Anyway I really like my girlfriend, we're gay :)

June 11, 2024

Alright! That test told me everything I think I need to know. Nobody would have seen what happened because I fixed it so I'll tell you. Basically, I only added the comment that Python reads in my VSCode copy, since I'm silly and don't have them synced or anything, and so the new post defaulted to line 0. I also learned that, yes, I can put whatever HTML I want in this and it'll work easily. I think the next step, should I feel like taking it, is to make it better. lol. By that I mean have the python open up nano or another text editor so I can write things with a little more freedom than what I have now, which is just the terminal. I don't think there's a worry about other people editing my posts, I probably will end up moving this python file to my private folder eventually, but as far as I know I'm the only one who's able to run this file except for like, the town's root user I guess.

So, what have I been up to? I was playing on ~nebula's modded minecraft server that they've shared with the townies, it's been pretty fun! I'm gonna play on it more today lol. It's Valhelsia 6 I believe, it's got a ton of stuff for me to do, I've been trying to set up a MineColonies thing so that I don't have to explore the nether as much haha. It's been slow going. I also forgot to water my town botany plant yesterday! Shocking! Luckily, it doesn't die until you miss 5 days. Very good for me.

June 11, 2024

Ok, this is the big test- I wrote a really simple python code that just edits my index.html file and adds whatever I write here as a new post. In the future I'd like to make it fancier, because this doesn't include any of the line break things I was using previously, but now is actually a good time to experiment, because this text should basically be going directly into HTML (I'll do better in the future, probably) so a line break might be as simple
as this? we'll have to see if that worked. Anyway the python is super simple, I just added a unique comment into the HTML file, the python finds that, and adds the post with the tags I use, I'm pretty sure it'll work. Let's see!

June 8, 2024

I don't have a whole lot to add today, spent time at my girlfriend's house, played around with the
town's rougelike ("Crawl" I believe it's called) which is fun, I have the original Rogue on Steam
funny enough, so I'm not 100% clueless as to how they're played. It seems to allow you to watch
someone else's run while they're doing it which is interesting. I'm going to start a Pokemon
Nuzlocke on stream soon, which is super exciting! The plan is to do it and then spend time animating
something based on how it went, so I get to really develop a story around the run, which I think is
super neat.

I also really love the Botany game we have here on town, I'm going to see if there's a way I can
link my plant to this page so y'all can see it too :)

June 7, 2024

Well I'm already seeing how my lack of HTML knowledge results in some stuff that would probably make
my dad shake his head in dissapointment, for example each one of these posts has this neat little
background that I made in CSS, right? Well for each post it's structured like this:

div class blog
  div id posts
    date of post (in h4)
    content of post (in paragraph)

and this makes enough sense, yeah, until, when I go to make this second post, I realize that
I need to replicate this format for every post I make, rather than just adding another post to the
inside of the "posts" div, which is kinda what I had wanted. But it's alright! I don't need a super
fancy system. I'm alright letting it be this manual an janky... for now.

Eventually, though? This is gonna be so fancy.

June 6, 2024

I'm super excited to be here!
It was less than two months ago that I got reccomended to tilde.town after mentioning that I wished
there was some kind of social media that functioned... exactly like this!
Well, shows what I know, it's already a thing. I couldn've gone for just about any pubnix--
learning the word "pubnix" to describe places like this was also super cool--
but I decided to go with tilde.town because I heard it was pretty queer, and as a trans girl
myself I thought it'd be swagalicious! I've been meaning to get better at HTML anyway, and what
better way than decorating my page on this wonderful site? :D

I'm really enjoying learning how to do all these fun CSS modifications, too!