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Much still remains to do, and much will always remain, and the one who shall be born a thousand years hence will not be barred from this opportunity of adding something further...

Our predecessors have worked much improvement, but have not worked out the problem. They deserve respect, however, and should be worshipped with a divine ritual.

- Seneca, Epistle 64, Tr.R.M. Grummere, Heinemann (1953)

(Epigraph to Bernard Bolzano's Contributions to a Better-Grounded Presentation of Mathematics)

I'd like to contribute to the intensification of allophilia and the exploration of a kinder way of being. I think this might involve programming languages, formal methods of reasoning, poetics, and collaboration —— symphilosophy.

The human heart is distended until it is as big as all outdoors.

[...] there are uncharted moral wastes over which only our dim consciences, briefed by a conscientious assessment of probable consequences, are our faltering guides. (Quine, Quiddities, 5)

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