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These blocks need parents...

"This is only an attention-driven platform if you make it that way for yourself." (~ford)

I aim to offer text worthy of rereading. If these pages find readers, I hope they'll sometimes return: I hope they return for rereading as well as looking for something new.

Whatever form these pages assume, it will not be a blog. Every page is subject to constant revision and the only way to discover if there's new content will be to revisit and re-explore the site. If the texts I offer are worth reading, they're worth rereading. If a reader doesn't remember a text well enough to know if it's been read before, then they didn't read it well in the first place. If these texts aren't worth reading well, then they aren't worth reading at all; for I'll recount no news, no confessions, and little in the nature of fact. (This isn't really a testament to my estimation of my own writing, which is rather low: I expect only 1/3 of the writing will be my own; the bulk will be excerpted from sources I study.)

Today, I discovered P. F. Hawkins' (~pfhawkins) project hypervers.es. It is pursuing a similar aim, according to its colophone. Although it is very much further advanced than this project, and therefore a good source of inspiration.

In Greece, [...] the muses were supposed to be ventriloquists with the poet just as medium, the dummy. Hölderlin said that in modern times, when the gods have fled, poetry is what is written in the place of that silence, the poet as a medium without an origin, nothing prior to mediate. (E. Kelley)

Software I Want to Find or Create

  1. Critical reading assistant (cf. proof assistants)
  2. Informal proof assistant. (the same as, or related to, 1 ?)
  3. Rigorous writing assistant.
  4. Scholarly collaborative annotation tool.
  5. Excerpt organizer/sharer.