hello, i'm vilmibm

i'm an artist

i run tilde.town

i strive to have empathy for living things

how are you?

i've made digital art in one form or another as a hobby since 2000. i grew up in rural new york in america and currently live in portland, oregon, america.

code | poetry | music | visual art | thoughts

i write code

I primarily work in Python. I've written Javascript, Clojure, Java, PHP, and even Perl professionally. I'm very excited by Rust, but have yet to finish any major projects using it. I've been programming for over ten years (and fiddling with HTML / the web for 17).

projects i'm particularly proud of are:

twitter bots, alive and dead:

places where i work or have worked:

i write poetry

i primarily work on large scale digital cut-up poetry, meaning that i create poems from large quantities of existing digital text with the help of software. i use software i wrote called prosaic.

I graduated from the IPRC Poetry Certificate program in May 2016. I've completed three collections of poetry; two are cut-up (one from video game walkthroughs and the other from cyberpunk novels) and one not.

My work is for sale at the storefront of the micro-press I run with my partner Terian, Tiny Ornithopter.

save scum, cut-up from video game walkthroughs cyberpunk prophecies, cut-up from cyberpunk novels through the wires shall course blood, mostly non-cutup

My poetic work focuses on the idealism of the virtual. I am fascinated by the way we create fantasy cyberspaces and reconcile them with the physical reality of our meat bodies. Poetry is a lovely medium for exploring this interface.

i make music

i have been making and performing noise music on and off since 2006. noise appeals to me as it requires the relegation of control and pleasure to chaotic, unpredictable forces. in this way it is a metaphor for the blind suffering our bodies endure while our minds' eyes watch like horrified bystanders.

noise is a difficult to define genre as it relies heavily on non-traditional sound sources and improvisation. for me, it means using feedback, found sound, and prepared electric bass to make amorphous abstract pieces.

my older project, Dreaded Object, is exclusively harsh noise and tape manipulation. my newer project, Precious Snout, is still based in harsh feedback but is grounded through the use of electronic beats and some traditional instruments.

i make visual art

i do a fair amount of very self-taught graphic design for event promotion. i am also an avid picture-taker and self-admitted instagram user. the following are images i've created in the gimp or pictures i've taken and modified in post.

i have thoughts

the following could be considered a blog, of sorts, but each post is a living document in its own right. i'm focusing more here on a series of essays that evolve over time as i learn and grow as a human. they're presented in order of when they were first written but each piece is intended to be updated as time goes on.