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IRC Bots

General Guidelines

  1. Try not to spam the main channels; your bot can sit in them, but please keep as much bot chatter to #bots as possible.

  2. Test your bot; either make your own channel, or use #bot_test, to make sure your bot is behaving well before inflicting it onto your fellow tilders.

  3. Your bot should respond to !rollcall with a report of what it does.

  4. Your bot should never respond to !rollcall with !rollcall.

How-To make your own

More here later.

One easy way to learn more is simply to snoop through other people's bot scripts, and also ask questions in IRC.

Known Bots

The "rollcall" bot

Enter the command !rollcall in a chat room, it will ping all bots that are listening and have them respond with a brief help message.

This command spams the chat with quite a few bot messages, so please don't run this command very often, especially while the chat room you are in is currently very busy.


<tildebot> tildebot reporting! I respond to !tilde !tildescore

<ramenkan> 一、二、三、らーめん缶! Hello, I am a ramen vending machine. Please type a code for service: !help !ramen !vramen !rklink !rkselfie !rktoot !rkvtoot - Support: +81 012-700-1MIO  ど うぞめしあがれ。

<minerbot> YourNickName: Hi! I'm minerbot! Commands: !milestone, !minercoin, !autowater, !minerbotsrc, !minerbothelp, !minomad, !dndice, !mbtilde, !stevenuniverse, !su, !meme

<linearbot> Linearbot here!  Right now I can only do !bswap but maybe soon other things will follow!

<docbot> Here! I am created by ~wingy. I serve documentation for npm, node, pypi, python, docker, cpan, crates, and hackage. You can say [platform/package].

<sotdbot> SOTDBot keeps track of your songs of the day. You can update your SOTD by running !supdate <link>, where link is a YouTube, Soundcloud, Archive.org, Monstercat, Spotify, or Bandcamp link, and !sotd retrieves the latest SOTDs, !sotd <username> gets the last SOTD by that user, and !sotdstats gets the top users of sotdbot. Also, !allmysotd <page> will retrieve your previous songs of the day, but must be messaged to sotdbot directly.

<ruth> I respond to !rollcall, !ruth, !cpu, !nicethings, !hug, !crisis, !pluckafuck, !feed ruth, !water ruth. For more information, check out http://tilde.town/wiki/socializing/irc/bots/ruth.html

<banterbot> U wot m8? I score all the top drawer #banter and #bantz on this channel! / Find new top-shelf banter with !newbanter [mungeWord [dictionary]], !rhymes, and !define.

<gamebot> gamebot here. For more information, say '!gamebothelp' or '!gbhelp'

<kelpiebot> Hi, I'm a general purpose IRC bot. DeltaWitch is my mistress. ^-^ You can check out my commands on her projects page.

<BitBot> Hi! I'm BitBot (https://git.io/bitbot)

<banterbot> Look up things with !acronym and !whosaid / Make your chatter #legend with !rainbow, !toilet, and !figlet.

<banterbot> Find interesting things with !xkcd and !wiki-philosophy / Get jokes with !welch !evil !kjp and !help


*** The time at tilde.town is Fri, 01 Jan 2021 13:46:31 UTC  [13:46]


"Pinhook" is a virtual chat user which displays the output of chat bots.

You can open a private chat with "pinhook" using the command, and then use the !help command to see the list of all the currently active bots:

/query pinhook

(in a new chat window, which is a private room with the Pinhook bot)


<pinhook> !addnicething -- add to nice things
<pinhook> !aqi -- N/A
<pinhook> !beat -- alias of !beats
<pinhook> !beats -- get swatch internet time
<pinhook> !birbtarot -- bird themed tarot cards
<pinhook> !botany -- look up a plant to see if it has been watered (yourself by default)
<pinhook> !confetti -- string of confetti
<pinhook> !cyber -- markov cyberpunk snippet
<pinhook> !date -- current date
<pinhook> !dolphin -- encodes text into "e"s
<pinhook> !emojitime -- N/A
<pinhook> !fga -- fucksgiven analysis
<pinhook> !fucksgiven -- gives the number of fucks you have said in #tildetown
<pinhook> !fuse -- combine two users and try to talk like them
<pinhook> !hearts -- share some love by printing heart emojis
<pinhook> !hecksgiven -- alias of !fucksgiven
<pinhook> !help -- returns this output to private message
<pinhook> !hotlines -- suicide hotlines
<pinhook> !lastseen -- alias of !seen
<pinhook> !load -- current cpu load
<pinhook> !mentions -- get your mentions
<pinhook> !mypronouns -- deprecated method to set pronouns
<pinhook> !nicethings -- output a nice thing
<pinhook> !pronouns -- list pronouns for a user (yourself by default)
<pinhook> !rainbowhearts -- !hearts but with more color
<pinhook> !seen -- determine when user last spoke in main chat
<pinhook> !talkabout -- talk about several topics using markov chains
<pinhook> !talklike -- talklike someone (yourself by default)
<pinhook> !temp -- convert temperatures
<pinhook> !tloptin -- opt into talklike if you opted out
<pinhook> !tloptout -- opt out of talklike
<pinhook> !tocks -- UTC aligned swatch internet time
<pinhook> !toot -- send a toot
<pinhook> !tootwave -- alias of !vaportoot
<pinhook> !ttocks -- alias of !tocks
<pinhook> !ttv -- output tilde tv stuff
<pinhook> !ud -- look up something in the urban dictionary
<pinhook> !uptime -- current server uptime
<pinhook> !vaportoot -- send a toot with vaporwave formatting
<pinhook> !vaporwave -- format text in vaporwave
<pinhook> !vapourtoot -- !vaportoot for non-americans
<pinhook> !vapourwave -- !vaporwave for non-americans
<pinhook> !water -- water a plant (yours by default)
<pinhook> !weather -- look up weather for a given area
<pinhook> !whereis -- debugging tool to find out where a given string is thought to be
<pinhook> List of listeners: tube, macarena, character, numanuma, honk


*** The time at tilde.town is Fri, 01 Jan 2021 13:36:07 UTC             [13:36]

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