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where the Mystery is the deepest is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful.

this is ~caz's homepage on ~town. find things from within and outwith the gateless gate.

i love mongering philosophy; daoism. have you ever fully concieved of the whole world as a single thing, in space and time, both dynamic and constant? see dao.

admiring object-oriented ontology, i like to think the world is made up of very real things and objects, our perception shows us true objects, but also that these objects have discrete qualities that are not exhausted or completely known through experience alone. this asserts the reality of numbers and maths, time, plastic pollution, trees, thoughts, texts, and people, all at once and without discrimination. one ultimate conclusion of this ontology is panpsychism.

this place is meant to be a corner of the web, a node in Indra's net, where i can reflect a bit of the world that inhabits me and the one i inhabit.

all adoration to the real! it has nothing to lose but its cathedrals.

i write and study modern letters at sorbonne university where i'm currently an undergrad. i plan on doing research in the field of ecopoetics, ie study of place(s), nature(s) and function(s) of the environment in literature. i'm very interested in ecology. i also love to write

as a city-dweller, i've grown up somewhat isolated from nature and organic being, conformed by the social architecture of a capital city. as a result i'm quite interested in unlearning romanticism, giving up an ideal of Nature as something outside of myself: as a result i really enjoy observing how human and nonhuman architectures of life interact. i also trust in the decline of the current society, hoping and trying to plan for the coming insurrection.

i like to think of computers as places for storing artefacts of the human mind, which otherwise dissipate into nothingness.. so much life, communication and experience is encoded on these little structures of rare earths and metal. i love it. i also know next to nothing about computing although i'm keen to learn. read about some artefacts on my town feels

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