14 october 2018

i started training myself on a screen reader again because sometimes staring at the screen is awful and i'd rather be able to close my eyes or stare off into space and have all the things in my computer conjured into my head in a non-visual way. i want this space to open up so it is bigger than it looks when it is contained on a screen, deeper than these panels that slide around, a space with dimensions that cannot be explained because they are not flat or linear or stacked.

but inputting that via text to speech is clumsy, and i'm not dedicated enough to practice all the time, and so many things do not play well with screen readers.

however, after trying to use ttbp with a screen reader, i think i should make a more accessible option, because dear god having it read through the banner image is torturous, confusing, and useless.

(edit to add: haha, i experienced this exact thought nearly a year ago to the date: https://tilde.town/~endorphant/blog/20171128.html)