fastidious - log

Is that all you got?

The anxiously awaited weekend is here, but then what? I am not sure what I will do (probably nothing), and I know, as a fact, that I will blink and it will be over. It will also be hot as hell.

Yes, complaining, one thing we are all good at doing.

Friday! A word that stands on its own. Should I say more? Fridaaaaaaayyyyy!

Are these operators just plain imbeciles? Or, like... truly mental? I can't decide.

Is it Friday yet? It is not but, at least, it is lunch time, so there is some joy to have.

Thursday already. One more day! I am not prepared for RHCSA. I am not good at taking tests, and my older mind refuses to retain. Que sera, sera.

The new machine I got yesterday is good, but two things: it is managed, and that's not working out well for me (too many limitations). The monitor isn't retina, and after years with retina display iMacs I am spoiled.

Playing around Working. Got a new machine for work that needs setup, but I don't have the continuous time to do that right now.