30 march 2020

Hey, Town.

Sorry, no poem today.

Also sorry I haven't been around for a while. Life's been kinda busy.

Anyway, um, I'm semi-regularly blogging about surviving the global pandemic in semi-isolation, on my Gopherhole here at Town. You should check it out, if you're into that kind of thing. One of the more recent entries includes a cookie recipe that's pretty good, if you bake in non-stoner ways.


08 may 2019

"From Powdered Concentrate"

If happiness, not a place after all, could be

tangible, a thing, rationed to us all, daily

would you hoard it all underneath your bed, or go

snort it like a drug?

(I'm not normally one for technical poetry, but this is in a modern form of the Sapphic sonnet, because sometimes a challenge is fun.)

05 october 2018

"Naps Are Good"

I look back at my mis-spent youth;

all the naps I could have taken;

I thought that I knew better;

boy, was I mistaken.

Life passes by so quickly;

it all becomes a haze;

not nearly enough time,

for what life holds, these days.

It seems really quite silly,

when taken at first glance;

but you'll thank me when you're older,

if you nap at every chance.

25 july 2018

art, disillusionment, and the dreadful necessity of paying the bills

There are many great ideas
that I could fix my mind upon,
but tragedy befalls me, now;
there's paying work to do.

It's probably a bit pointless,
and I am overqualified;
for the forseeable future,
this is my fate. Et tu?

It could be worse, I do suppose;
I could have to deal with people;
Code doesn't care if you wear pants,
this is the life for me.

I could be somewhat disruptive,
to the industry I am sure;
but I have no time to ponder,
there's paying work to do.

So hurry on off to college,
and rack up crippling debt real fast;
leave your dreams there on the campus;
the time for fun is through.

Come join us in our misery,
doing things we do not enjoy;
dream in your spare moments, my friend,
but it won't set you free.

So come code some application,
or fix scripts other people broke;
you should be thankful, in a way,
there's paying work to do.

16 july 2018

fun with felonious felines and fonetik fallacies

It seems content is king, they all say
in a somewhat predictable way
but the thing that I've seen
(I don't want to sound mean)
is they'll look at cat pictures all day.

There is nothing at all wrong with that
memes are, or so they say, where it's at
but I do some times find
in my mind thoughts unkind
for people who ar'n't literat.

Carefully-chosen words have pizazz
think of gleaming and murmur and spaz
and that's why I get painz
all up in my brainz
at people who find humor in 'haz'

I object to this why? For a start
cats I assure you are rather smart
you might think me a dunce
but consider just once
how readily they can steal one's heart.

Maybe good content is hard to find
in one's limited time to unwind
one's trash is treasure
to who find pleasure
within content of the written kind

So go forth and blog once in a while
with panache, grace, humor, and style
while you still can
for you will not, when
you're stranded on a desert isle.

I know that seems an unlikely fate
to spring on you at such a late date
an imposition
and a gimmick that some people hate

so I'll tell you a secret here, friend
in the hopes that it will not offend
it, sometimes, is hard
a little awkward
to just up and conclude with
'the end'.

15 july 2018

hey peoples you could be a poet too

Anyone can write a haiku;

That means me, him, her, them, & you;

seventeen-syllable jive,

that's ordered five-seven-five,

on any old subject will do.

Limericks are also quite fun,

and about anything under the sun;

they've a rhyme scheme in play,

simply A-A-B-B-A;

and this, for example, is one.

You might find it fun to play poet,

and never hitherto know it,

if you don't try to compose,

something other than prose,

and then dare to someone else show it.

For sharing poetry 'feels' works quite fine,

if you space twice after each line;

if you know HTML,

that too would be swell,

but who on earth has the time?

14 july 2018

on the occasion of some runaway code

There once was a server which lag

in excessive amounts dig plague

all due to a bot

eating cycles a lot

though the admin the users did tag

How bad was the CPU load

on the poor Tilde.town node?

All slipped into sadness

talked of taxes and madness

all because of that ill-behaved code

One particular user, we learn'd

wrote the script which the CPU churn'd

a debate whether 'nice'

would to solve this, suffice

raged as vilmibm's money quietly burn'd

So quick, to the Patreon, crew!

and give forth a dollar, or two

to defray the boss's

still-mounting losses

as next time the cause could be you!