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Thanks for Visiting! This is “Rick Cogley Live”, my blog with short and more frequent posts about my interests.

I decided to blog this way and post links to my content, instead of supplying my content to social networks. Controlling your own content is inherently better than relinquishing control.

~Rick Cogley

How Much is Exactly Too Much Reclining?

Monday, 10 Apr, 2017

Morning news in Japan did a piece on “how much is too much reclining” in trains and planes.

Google and Adobe Release Serif Version of Universal CJK Font

Saturday, 8 Apr, 2017

Holy serif! Google and Adobe have released “Noto Serif CJK” aka “Source Han Serif”.

One Driver for My Japan Business

Friday, 7 Apr, 2017

My business gets business because Japanese are not so good at English.

Preparing for Terror

Thursday, 6 Apr, 2017

Thinking about the horrific gas attack in Syria, and wondering about anti-terrorism measures for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Spring Things in Japan - Do You Kigo?

Wednesday, 5 Apr, 2017

Japan takes its seasons seriously, and marks them with “kigo” 季語.

Our Daughter Started Her First Job (Sob)

Wednesday, 5 Apr, 2017

Our oldest got her first full time job last year, and it finally started (things start in April in Japan). It’s a new chapter for her and for us.

Breaking Net Neutrality in 2017

Tuesday, 4 Apr, 2017

Web browsing privacy took a major hit, if not a death blow, in the US on 3 April 2017, with Trump signing the repeal of online privacy rules. I bet other countries, like Japan where I live, are sure to follow.

New Blog with More Frequent Short Posts

Tuesday, 4 Apr, 2017

I set up a new Hugo blog, this blog, with the idea of writing more frequent, shorter posts.