21 march 2022

Half a day off today for long planned doctors visits. Both seem to think that I'm relatively healthy but I need to live more healthy to stay healthy. Meh. I need more days off.

I wanted to start some sort of personal online log for a while now. Tried different things including writing by own blogging software. But as soon as somebody whom I know learns about my weblog, I don't want to write personal things in it anymore. So maybe I'll use this. Not anonymous or even using a new nickname. But I'm just not going to tell anyone about it this time. (Really this time.) I don't know why I want to have it online. I tried starting a diary again on my phone, laptop, desktop, paper. But for some reason that's not satisfying me. I think maybe I want to possibility of somebody reading this and finding anything about it interesting. But I don't want to put any more effort into it to make my entries interesting. So there's no point in doing it on a proper website. Maybe that's it.

Alcohol: None

Tobacco: None

Nicotine: Heavy vaping, 0.4 mg/ml