28 march 2022

I have long been aware of the image that estate agents have. I always assumed that's just prejudice and has only a little root in facts. But since I started making my own experience with them, I understand why people think so little of them. Today I waited in front of a house for an agent with whom I made an appointment about a week ago. She wasn't coming, so I tried to call her. I didn't reach her or her office. But I reached a partner office in another city. They told me they'll try and reach her, too. She called back two minutes later and told me that the house is reserved and she doesn't do any more viewings of the house. I'm mad because I'm not surprised. It seems to be normal for most estate agents to not cancel appointments or even communicate with anybody after it has been decided that they are not likely to win the bid. I really seems like most just block your number and e-mail address once they deem you "not the mamma" and they just expect you to stop trying to contact them after a week or two. Anybody who isn't making it isn't worthy of getting a 10 second reply to an e-mail or a 20 second phone call. At least that's how it appears to me.

Alcohol: none so far

Tobacco: none

Nicotine: heavy vaping, 0.5 - 0.75 mg/ml