18 may 2022

I can't stand being downvoted on Reddit for a legitimate comment. A stupid joke or a possibly controversial opinion are one thing. And getting one downvote shortly after posting absolutely anything is also pretty normal in some subreddits. But investing time in a good answer to OPs question and getting -1 minutes later feels so absurdly crushing some times (today) that I want to delete all my posts and the entire account and never attempt to communicate with anybody on Reddit ever again. Sometimes I do delete a few posts even if I find them helpful. If the get below 0, I must be wrong in the reader's view. Sometimes I delete my account. And sometimes I don't come back for weeks. But I haven't ever stayed away forever so far.

I deleted my stupid little Reddit account again today.

Health points yesterday: ?

Alcohol so far: none

Nicotine: relatively heavy vaping, 0 - 0.15 mg/ml