02 july 2022

(cont. from yesterday) Yesterday I was mounting a machine together with a customer when a small child came up and asked what we were doing there. I didn't want to anser because it feld weird. We weren't introduced properly, he interrupted our conversation, he was a small child, I wasn't, it was none of his business what we were doing there and on top of that it was visually obvious what we were doing there. So it was a stupid question. The guy I was with ignored the child and it felt right to me to do the same. That's so cunty of both of us. It must be so frustrating to be treated like this by others. I know it is. And I don't think I have an excuse for behaving like this. Except if being over 35 is an excuse. But it isn't according to what I believe. So …

Health points overall status estimation: ~+

Alcohol so far: none

Nicotine: a bit much vaping, 0.1 mg/ml