19 july 2022

Looks like I didn't write an entry every day for a while. This one stands for 2022-07-05 till 2022-07-19.

I didn't last 8 hours at work today. It's hard to lift my arm, moving hurts, especially my arms. I'm done with work, so done. Not really though. The things that I didn't finish today I'll have to do tomorrow or the day after that. I don't know if I can last another 1.5 weeks till my week off. I may just leave before the end of the week. But however confused I may appear (and be) all day, I didn't confuse an alcohol containing liquid for a drink and I haven't for months now. I also didn't touch a cigarette and didn't raise the nicotine in my eliquid. So, enough reason to be proud, I guess.

Health points overall status estimation: ~+

Alcohol so far: none

Nicotine: vaping, 0 - 0.1 mg/ml