23 september 2022

I didn't smoke for ~12 months. I still feel like crap when I can't resist a piece of cake (and by piece I mean at least four pieces).

I didn't drink any alcohol for ~11 months. I still feel miserable when I eat four times the recommended amount of a meal.

My nicotine consumption is so low - and has been for months now - that I won't surprise anybody if I stopped it altogether for the rest of my life. But I still feel like shit when I throw away rotting apples after I bought and ate half a kilogram of chocolate almost every day for weeks.

Overall I lost 15 kg of fat over the last few years. But I still feel disgusting when see myself in the mirror inside the lift that I tooḱ to go down two levels instead of taking the stairs.

Will this ever change?

Overall health status estimation: -

Alcohol so far: none

Nicotine: vaping, 0 mg/ml