03 january 2023

Last summer I picked a book that I want to read next and put it on a table that I sit at frequently in order to make it that fucking easy to start to read again and to create a frequent reminder. It didn't work. Well, I was reminded frequently of the fact that I can't manage to gather enough brain cells to start to read again. Now I put the book in my travelling bag. It's with me now. But I have to wake up properly first, then get ready for work. The book still looks interesting. It has ~320 pages. Maybe I'll try to read a page a day. And because I'll probably usualy read more than one in one sitting once I've started, I could finish the book this year, which would make the number of books that I've read this year larger than it was last year.

Overall health status estimation: =

Alcohol so far: none

Nicotine: vaping, 0 mg/ml (so, no nicotine)