A garden of forking paths. There exists a book about hypertext pedagogy. It predicted a better future than this one. Have you ever wished that life had a walkthrough? Music was once a great, embarrassing mystery to me so I made noise. Sometimes I get hungry. Have you ever shared a hallucination? I dream about deer often. They inspire me. I saw them frequently in the swamp where i grew up. Sometimes you need to numb the spice. Once upon a time, years ago, I wrote a lot of javascript. I don't anymore. Once a year I go to las vegas but I do not gamble. The brain is a distributed system. I run this place. Once we tried to build a ziggurat and I think we should try again. It's real time, real time, time to get real. Can you tell the difference between these two things? My cat is named Unix. Letters make shapes make letters. What if all photographs were square? Sometimes friends die and it's horrible. There are too many computing devices in my home. one time, i went to kyoto.