i once owned a book about hypertext pedagogy. it was a thick tome praising the virtues of a technology now blamed for our societal lack of focus and general madness. i get hungry often. it is often important to numb the spice. i was watching a tape about mind mapping the other day. it made me want html authoring software whose interface was oriented around mind maps. Once upon a time I wrote a lot of javascript. I don't anymore. I dream about deer a lot. I like how invisible they tend to be. They are quiet, pretty, and capable of speed and strength. I saw many of them in the swamp as a child. I'm still grieving. las vegas probably shouldn't exist from an ecological standpoint. but i'm glad it does. my brain feels like the magi. do you ever wish life had a walkthrough?

i run this place. i don't think i'm entirely fit for it, but it's been years.

have a book of cyberpunk poetry

a garden of forking paths