The Ydreniv Time

TSS-001 - The Pearled Gates

, by Ydreniv

This is part of PROJECT SPG. This particular synthetic picture has been created for Tilde Town Zine n°6. It's my first contribution to this zine, and about the first time I've published anything in a collaborative thing. When I discovered this zine, I was pretty excited, and thought about creating various things. However, time constraints amid a busy month forced me to find a quick project. With that in mind, I've resurrected PROJECT SPG. I had started this a couple years ago, but it had remained without activity for about a year.

As I’ve said in PROJECT SPG, I've started this serie of artworks with the goal of using as much automatic filters as possible in Gimp. My previous art experiment in Gimp had mostly been pixel-art, and I wanted this to change. I've rapidly started to classify the different pieces of art, and started developing a loose universe.

I don't know what synthetic picture I will do next, and when that will happen, but I'll be sure to notify you.

The Pearled Gates are a B55 TSS-class SYNTHETIC PICTURE. The Pearled Gates are a fabled gateway to a mystical land where the sky always shines blue. Strange cybercreatures dwell there, including standing manatees. They use their hypnotizing shroud-daemons to catch weakly-protected programs. Then they use the entropy of their preys to feed their favourite food : the rare iridescent netmoss.