The Ydreniv Time

What’s new in January 2023

, by Ydreniv

This year, I intend to keep a record of what I’ve done. It’s gonna be quite eclectic, as I won’t be focussing only on Tilde Town.

Tilde Town

I’ve published two blog posts in January :


  • My Intercessor Kill Team is finally finished. I’m still to introduce them on my blog, but the article should be out in February.
  • I’ve already fought with them. They’ve succesfully taken an outpost against the Orks.
  • Wanting to try something else, I’ve also painted a Bloodmaster of Khorne. The base is a bit of an experiment, but I’m quite pleased about the sword.


I haven’t made any new articles on my music blog. There are a lot of music I could share, but I currently don’t have enough time to write those articles. I have not made any progress on my personal page revamp either.